Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zombikin Spotlight: Bubba, Capt. Nelson, & Lillian

I figured since I want to start an "Adopt a Zombie" thing in my Etsy Store, I would start profiling the ones I have already made to give people an idea about the Zombikins and what they are like.

Bubba was a farmer in the state of Wisconsin. That is, until a horde of Zombies got to him. Now instead of working hard to harvest grains, he wanders all night searching for BRAAAAAIIINS!!

Pirate Captain Nelson loved the high seas. That is, until he encountered a ship manned by Zombies. He stood firm; his ship he would not abandon, even after the Zombies blasted him with a cannon.

Little Zombie Lillian was quite a catch in her day, until a wandering zombie came and took her life away. Just ask any guy who's had the chance to meet her; they will certain tell you she is a real man-eater.